More Surprises

I took the self-regulation quiz (SRQ) and the time management test suggested by my FIC, Professor Malou. I scored 250 on the SRQ which meant, according to the article, that I had a high (intact) self-regulation capacity. I think it meant that I had strong self-control. The article said that the SRQ was originally intended to explain how addictive behavior occurs. It was originally tested on alcohol-drinkers. It was interesting for me. I enjoy parties and have even hosted a couple where I myself had mixed the cocktails. What I have never experienced is getting so-drunk-you-had-to-throw-up-afterwards drunk. Whether I drink cocktails, wine or the occasional beer, I had always been conscious of how much I take. I always assumed I was too self-aware that I could not let myself get that drunk! Now I know what to call it: self-regulation.

Now on to time management. I took the test yesterday, after I finished reading Dr. Dewey’s Chapter Zero and was still chiding myself for forgetting to check on the course site after Christmas. I was surprised to find out that I had good time management (I scored 63). Despite that, I know there were some areas that I still needed to improve on, of course, overwhelmed as I felt since Sunday night.


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