New Year Surprises

Last December, after I was able to enrol for my EDS 103 (Theories in Learning) class this term, I checked on the calendar and was quite happy to find out that the term was still set to start on the 4th of January. I had brought home Activity Sheets that I needed to check and record. I had my students send me files of their Investigation projects to my email, which meant I had to download, check, and comment on around 40 papers during the Holidays. These, I had to send back to their senders so that they could make the necessary corrections and changes in time for the resumption of classes after the New Year’s.

I was able to do all the checking, recording, commenting and emailing I had to do the days following Christmas. We had relatives who flew in from the US which meant we had to attend several parties/ get-togethers on New Year’s day. I cleaned the house on the second and felt quite satisfied with myself that I thought I could reward myself by immersing myself in creating miniatures, a hobby I picked up when I saw this amazing blog on polymer clay a few years back. I spent January 3rd watching movies at home while I looked for potential miniature projects from the web. By Saturday, I made some of the handouts I will use for my class during the 4th quarter. I completely forgot about checking UPOU’s course site.

It was during the priest’s homily on Sunday mass that I suddenly remembered that term had already started. I checked UPOU’s site and saw, to my dismay, that I had missed my FIC’s (faculty-in-charge) posts from a week back. There were links to sites I had to read, clips I had to watch and a blog that I had to create. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed.

I expected that we would have to read and study a lot of theories for this course (after all, it wouldn’t be called Theories of Learning for nothing). I had taken a course on Communication Theories while earning my degree in Communication Research and we pretty much read a lot of books. I just wasn’t prepared for all the introductory materials I needed to go through that were posted even before the term started. I was actually disheartened when I saw the links to the .pdf files. 

There was something, though, to the Welcome message posted by my would-be Professor. Her enthusiasm was so palpable that I actually felt excited about the course. It was also quite refreshing to see that the modules were colourful. They cut through the monotony of long texts in black and white. I have seen how the occasional splash of color can keep students interested in watching PowerPoint presentations in class. In other words, even the modules looked inviting! I will try to look up any study that has looked into this, if there is any. For the meantime, I still have to watch the Metacognition videos for the first module.


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