Distance Learning

I feel really guilty for not having been able to update this journal more often than I should. From the time I read Module 3, I had been busy listening to the girls defend their Investigatory Projects during the 3rd week of January. After this, I checked quarterly exams and encoded grades to prepare the Report Cards. I was busy talking to parents whose children were having difficulty in my subject. I had to review my lessons because we are taking up Physics this Fourth Quarter and I am quite rusty in the subject. On top of this, a group of us teachers were invited to dance during the Seniors’ Legacy Concert. This meant staying up after school to practice with my fellow teachers. The week-long Arts and Academic Week was held on the 3rd week of February with the Science Congress as one of its highlights. It was a whirlwind of activities until all I had left was one last week to teach speed, velocity and acceleration to the girls.

I have to say, it was a really busy quarter. But I know all of the above do not excuse me for my lack of journal entries. I swear, all of the entries are floating in my head and frankly, I even questioned the results of my time management self-test early in the term. So it is really quite hard for me to talk about what kind of behavior distance learners like me should acquire. Sure, the activities were already plotted in the school calendar. But I know that I could have done better in planning my activities and not spread myself too thin. Bottom line is, constant vigilance in turning in homework is a MUST for us distance learners.


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