A New Term

I started this blog last term as a journal for my Theories of Learning class while teaching at Assumption Antipolo. Last school year was a challenging one as we transitioned from the old 10-year Basic Ed curriculum to the K-12 curriculum. I have learned a lot last term and have applied what I can in the classroom (particularly the Primacy-Recency Effect I had talked about in my last post).

I have just began my third trimester of distance education at the University of the Philippines – Open University yesterday, September 6th. I am quite excited since my courses this term include Assessment Methods and Basic Guidance. I am teaching Biology this year (which is a relief) and I hope I will be able to manage my time better this term. 🙂

Starting this September, I will be writing about my EDS 113 (Principles and Methods of Assessment) course. Welcome aboard!


What’s Your Style?

I went through the different links listed in the Module on Learning Styles. I took several of the tests and found out that I am a tactile learner. It was just funny how a lot of the behaviors and mannerisms described for tactile learners were really spot on. For me, at least.

I was able to eventually cajole my fellow teachers in the level to take the test. I had them answer the one from educationplanner.org since it only required them to answer 20 questions. I was able to ask one other teacher to try another test but the rest of them wanted the short one.

We had a great time finding out about our individual learning styles which, even now as teachers, are still apparent. The visual learners did work a lot with colors, color coding everything from folders to note tags. One teacher was an auditory learner, and he was usually the one who can actually remember our conversations in detail even if they have transpired for weeks already.

Another teacher was a tactile learner like me. I have seen him trace shapes in the air while walking to his class. We both use hand gestures when we explain things, though I try to minimize it as to not be distracting.

The results suggested that I take frequent, albeit short, breaks when I study or work and go for short walks just to stretch my legs. Right now, I usually work with my laptop on the bed while I sit on a gym ball which allows me more movement than if sit on a chair. I remember taking short walks when I was in Nursing school and it actually helped me remember what I was reading better. This is probably something I can do more so I don’t also stare too much at the computer screen.